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Kanye and Kim 02/18/2018

9 Wands rx
3 Cups rx

Looks like someone loves to work, and they are keeping busy with their schedule. Seems like they want to be friends as well as lovers, and have a bit of anxiety due to worry (might not want to get hurt).

Dreams rx/illusions
2 Coins

The other individual seems to want to commit, but to more than one person at the same time.

6 Wands rx+4 Coins+6 Cups

They seem to want to stay this way due to the children. Looks like they're both holding a grudge for years, but wanting to stay in an affair sort of arrangement due to soul mates, and children in general.


Not that bad at all! Especially for the children (soul mates). 


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My day in 78 11/20/17 (edited 11/23)

Housewives Tarot

I was trying to watch 'Edward Scissorhands' (Knight Swords) when all of a sudden I receive a destined to be friendly proposition. I attempted to let go of a wall - first row indicates that I was about to block someone immediately after contacting me for a psychic reading. I didn't think they were going to be serious about the reading. Trying not to argue (5 Swords rx)- feeling secure after accepting payment in regards to love reading. Second row indicates that I picked up the call (business 'visit') I started to type away to this individual who was struggling to fully let go of someone.
Next: Starting with Death rx - Struggling to fully end also feeling jealousy and/or weary. Trying to let go of worries, impatience and indecisiveness when it comes to communicating. A loving man/love interest (King Cups). I picked up distance between them, but a good partnership predicted overall.

The caller found the reading accurate as well as helpf…

My love life in 2 Years 03/23/2018

Knight Cups 8 Cups rx Queen Wands rx

10 Cups rx 2 Coins 10 Wands
Emperor rx 9 Wands 10 Swords
Base is Death
I will be with two men at the same time, and content emotionally. However, there may be some baggage from past relationship(s) that will need to be dealt with especially when it comes to communicating with each other better. Looks like the father of my children will still be in my life (Emperor rx). I am thankful for that as the Virgin of the Highest Grace.  The other guy I may be with sounds like a water sign rising with fire attributes who will be tired and/or someone who gets easily jealous/envious about me, and perhaps the father of my kids.

Crush Prediction 02/20/2018

I have a crush on this man that is 7 years younger than myself. I keep looking for him, but he keeps pushing me away. Looks like we won't be talking this year either..
Queen Cups King Swords rx World rx
This person will be in love with the other; will have feelings for the other, and will feel a lack of closure. Will think a lot about the other, and will want to talk to them all the time (sounds like me).
Queen Wands rx Death rx Jesus
The other person will be envious, and will have a hard time ending and letting go of things. Will try to go with the flow and let things stroll by.
4 Cups rx+7 Swords rx+6 Coins rx (Love)
We'll both feel like things will be unfair. We'll be sweeping important issues/problems under the rug, and avoiding one another. Feeling like things will be unfair,  but not emotionally bored.
I want him to read this, and at least reach out to me like a friend, so that we can have peaceful closure.