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Crush Prediction 02/20/2018

I have a crush on this man that is 7 years younger than myself. I keep looking for him, but he keeps pushing me away. Looks like we won't be talking this year either.. Queen Cups King Swords rx World rx This person will be in love with the other; will have feelings for the other, and will feel a lack of closure. Will think a lot about the other, and will want to talk to them all the time (sounds like me). Queen Wands rx Death rx Jesus The other person will be envious, and will have a hard time ending and letting go of things. Will try to go with the flow and let things stroll by. 4 Cups rx+7 Swords rx+6 Coins rx (Love) We'll both feel like things will be unfair. We'll be sweeping important issues/problems under the rug, and avoiding one another. Feeling like things will be unfair,  but not emotionally bored. I want him to read this, and at least reach out to me like a friend, so that we can have peaceful closure .

Kanye and Kim 02/18/2018

Workaholic 9 Wands rx 3 Cups rx Looks like someone loves to work, and they are keeping busy with their schedule. Seems like they want to be friends as well as lovers, and have a bit of anxiety due to worry (might not want to get hurt). Dreams rx/illusions 2 Coins Marriage/Commitment The other individual seems to want to commit, but to more than one person at the same time. 6 Wands rx+4 Coins+6 Cups They seem to want to stay this way due to the children. Looks like they're both holding a grudge for years, but wanting to stay in an affair sort of arrangement due to soul mates, and children in general. ( Lovers ) Not that bad at all! Especially for the children (soul mates). 

Twin flame and I - 6 Months Prediction 02/17/2018 (or 2018)

Oshun 10 Coins 10 Wands One of us will be insecure and will have past relationship baggage, burdens and struggles. However, will still feel passionately attracted to the other ( pray to Oshun ) The other person will be in love. This person will be physically into the other in a down to earth, physical manner. They will seem to act very aggressive towards the other and pushy. God+King Coins+7 Wands Between us we'll reconcile our differences, however we'll still feel an imbalance where we will think things aren't completely fair. We'll both try to become closer when it comes to communicating better.  Reconciliation+6 Coins rx+6 Swords rx Base card is 9 Coins.

How does my 7 year old crush soul mate feels about me? 02/17/2018

When I was 7 as a child I met my twin flame; he was also 7 and in love at first sight. I always hold that little clip in my mind as a psychic. He was my cousin's Linda's neighbor. I didn't speak English, but we still fell in love especially via telepathy. I don't envy my parents. 4 Swords rx 7 Cups Hierophant I feel like dreaming about him and holding him in spiritual dreams. I want to break the silence - speak to him again, or for the first time. Still thinking of him..having illusions about him. Wanting to commit to him, but being in long-term commitment with father of children. 6 Coins rx 2 Swords rx 6 Cups rx We both feel like things are currently unfair, and imbalanced there's a lack of giving and mutual receiving. I see wanting to let go of indecision, would like to communicate better without being indecisive. Both miss each other, think about one another, are soul mates, and want to reunite. I believe he still dreams, or fantasizes ab

Financial Reading 02/17/2019

Thus far I've made big purchases, and ended up refunding a client due to hospital abuse from mother. 10 Coins rx  Queen Cups rx Queen Wands rx 8 Swords rx Tower rx World 5 Swords rx God rx Death Money looks secure, but I will be feeling moody and tired. I will be feeling a bit stressed out; and looking it, too - well maybe. This is how I speak with my guides. Someone will unblock, or better comprehend how the other thinks, speaks, and thus will avoid arguments. I will be feeling complete, and everything done towards 1pm, or end of day - 13th-21st hour(s). I need to earn in order to support my family in expensive NY (despite not being fully able to).