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Remaining honest w. everyone 12-10-17

JC + 3D+ KH +JD + 8C ( 8H ) ____________________ QS + KC + 5H + 10S+7S Base is 10C( 2D - 6S - 9D-6D ) I asked if this man was in love with me, and I say to myself, "It's not my fault I'm dark skin, and 'separated' " ( QS+KC ) I'd say yes, he's in love w. me especially since the QS is topped by the KC and 5H. He likes other ethnicities to assume things about them, but ends up being false. Why do you get your "family and friends" after me? always talking about me, etc...what is the point?? The fuck?

Cartomancy - Playing Cards 12/04/2017

According to myself the Clubs suit is supposed to be named Clovers due to the 3 leaf clover :). I believe it was 'lost in translation' when the playing cards suits were originally named. 12/05/17: Will we get married? Yes . Whoa, look at all the court cards! I guess those are our guests. I believe all those Kings are himself, and his brothers =). One of them is darker in complexion (KC).  I see a successful psychic (spiritualists) good thoughts/vibes, a mom and a contract/ring. Good family man and woman. I'm surprised the 10H didn't show up though. Wow, when I saw all those court cards I was shocked, haha. The number 7 is very significant; it was shown to me around three strong times. Base is 5S